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solution stories
in vehicle computers power the operation efficiency of a huge fleet
发表日期: 2012/02/09

a giant telecommunication carrier company in usa selects acrosser technology, the leading in vehicle computer designer and manufacturer,  core 2 duo in vehicle computers as the hardware platform to install in their 40 thousands service trucks. this project integrated the rf id reader, obd2 terminal, sensors and hand held terminals to improve the operation efficiency of the huge fleet.

the  in vehicle computer collects real time data from rf id reader, obd2, sensors, gps and held data terminal. the processed data are connected directly to cloud server through build in 3.5g module. drivers are able to receive real time dispatching information from the server.

the customer thanks the powerful computing technology which enables continuously adding new functions to this in vehicle computer in the future without worrying lack of computing power.

acrosser technology provides a complete scalable line of in vehicle computers ranges from intel atom e640, d525, core 2 duo up to core i5 and i7. in addition to standard industrial pc i/o interfaces such as vga/dvi, ethernet, usb, wifi, bluetooth and rs-232/485, these ruggedized in vehicle computers also feature intelligent in vehicle power management, can bus, digital i/o, i-button(one wire), gps and 3.5g wireless. to meet the harsh power environment in the vehicles, acrosser’s in vehicle computers power subsystem are all protected by over-voltage, over-current and surge protection which make them comply with e-mark and iso-7637 in-vehicle power standard. all these features make acrosser’s in vehicle computer the most suitable platform for all kind of vehicles such as taxi, cab, truck, bus and heavy duty vehicles.


  solution stories
无风扇车载系统中,英特尔酷睿i3/ i5的/ i7处理器 hm76智能电源系统,gps/3.5g/ wifi /蓝牙选件模块
无风扇车载系统,英特尔酷睿i5/ i7处理器 hm65智能电源系统,gps/3.5g/ wifi /蓝牙选项
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