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solution stories
cardiac trigger monitor
发表日期: 2011/03/25

cardiac trigger monitor with ar-b1622

this cardiac trigger monitor is a color monitor that displays a single ecg waveform, large heart rate, and alphanumeric characters for alarm messages, menus, user information. the monitor is compact and light weight, allowing for easier mounting solutions and greater flexibility. the model has a universal power supply that operates from 100 to 230 vac and automatically selects the correct ecg notch filter (50 or 60hz) to reduce interference on the ecg signal. an optional integrated ecg simulator is available to test the integrity of the patient cables, lead wires, and electronic circuitry. an optional integral recorder may provide hard copy support documentation for clinical purposes.

cardiac trigger

ar-b1622 for medical solution

is a pci-104 form factor embedded sbc with long life time support. it’s designed based on amd lx 800 cs5536 chipset and the cpu speed is 500mhz. support both lcd and crt monitors and with pci-104 bus onboard can support the advanced pci bus pci-104 add-on modules for functionality expansion. it’s a very compact, long lifetime, cost-effective, easy-expansion products for medical applications.

  solution stories
epic sbc supporting intel ufc-pga 478酷睿2双核/酷睿双核/酷睿单核/赛扬m,千兆以太网,usb2.0,vga,dvi-d,tv-out(bnc),s-韦迪,lvds

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