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point of information system for the recycling application (recycling poi)

acrosser is working with a client who needs the computer system for their staffed collection stations. this company’s primary business is working toward the social benefits of recycling and environmental sustainability they are using the acrosser’s embedded system (ar-es0631) and usb touch lcd (ar-m9180) for their hmi interface. to the ar-es0631 they connect: 1. thermal printer for receipts to the customers (com), 2. scale to weigh recyclables (com), 3. touch screen (usb), 4. thumb drive for data collection (usb). if the customer ever wanted to upgrade to a more powerful platform, they would likely use other acrosser’s embedded systems, for example ar-es0831, ar-es0831fl, or ar-es5230fl.

the collection stations are usually in supermarket parking lots. they are staffed by one person. customers bring their empty bottles, cans, etc; the staff member weighs the different types of recyclables and pays the person accordingly. our system (ar-es0631) runs the program linking the scale, cpu board, os, proprietary software and ticket printer. this allows the company to accurately pay the customer as well as accurately log the amount of each product collected. they power the system using a solar rechargeable battery.

this vertical market definitely has potential for growth. with oil and other energy prices so high, the need for recycling is constantly growing. acrosser technology will contribute our knowledge and quality products to help the world to protect our environment.

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