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acrosser to present amd 780e platform for comma 6a, low cost via gaming board & mini-itx gaming solution.

the model ace-b7300 is a gaming board designed to comply with italy comma 6a. it utilize the amd 780e as a platform which offers exceptional 3d graphic acceleration. its jamma interface provides complete digital i/o, cctalk and intrusion logger requirements in the awp machine. a smart card reader is designed on the board to meet the italy aams license requirement. the ace-b7300 gaming controller also embeds pulse generators which unload the complexity of handling meters in a slot machine. beside these, this product has a pci express x16 slot for extending its graphic performance and video output up to 4 displays.

the ace-b8700 is designed to meet the low cost requirement from gaming developers after acrosser’s successful ace middle range products. it is powered by via 1.5ghz c7 processor and vx800 chipset. it features full directx 9.0, 128-bit 2d graphic engine. the ace-b8700 offers all gaming control features required to meet most of the international gaming regulation such as gli-11 standard. acrosser offer this product in low cost without sacrificing its value. “it is the most economic gaming platform over our all-in-one gaming platform and any product available from other suppliers” said aaron joue, acrosser’s executive vice president.

the third product ace-mini targets the most popular economic motherboard applied in gaming application. ace-mini combines a pci interface gaming i/o card ace-b2019 which features all acrosser gaming control functions, serial ports and reel mechanism controller with an enclosure which able to carry any mini-itx mother board. this solution enables customers to select hundreds of mini-itx board from the market with very wide performance range and economic cost as their platform. the embedded reel controller on ace-b2019 supports up to 5 reel mechanisms by fpga. it requires very few cpu utility to handle complex step motor control. an entry level cpu such as intel atom processor is far enough to applied in a gaming machine designed with both video and reel mechanisms.

acrosser commits his customers to continuously innovate new solutions for the gaming machine industry. it will present all these three new products and new software security solution protectu 2.0 in the upcoming gaming exhibition ice london. you can find acrosser at booth 4440.

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