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to bring innovation into the development of , acrosser technology is proud to add a new member to its product family next month! this time, acrosser is determined to bring you an extraordinary product that separates itself from general industrial computing, which will be brand new, multi-functional, and beyond imagination.

here is a sneak peek of the product! featuring 2 x hdmi, 4x com, 3 x usb3.0, 2 x gbe, 1 x minipcie, 1 x sim, this unrevealed product aims to provide on various commercial bases. ranging from , , and home automation to industrial automation, acrosser’s latest industrial endeavor is surely a fit for many different industries.

what kind of product would cater so many industries’ needs all at the same time? acrosser will release its detailed specifications and the final form factor of the model very soon. in order to allow customers to get an in-depth experience with the product, acrosser will provide sample models testing in during a designated time period. stay tuned to for acrosser’s latest star product in november, and find out more about its superb performance!


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