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acrosser technology is in the process of launching four (4) new products to extend the available solutions available for the acrosser ace series gaming products. these designs will be targeted at different level requirements for the gaming industry to enhance performance and cost. these new models leverage the latest computer technology from intel, amd and via for the basic platform and integrate acrosser’s gaming control technology. acrosser’s all-in-one product feature sets include digital i/o, non-volatile sram, counter, pulse generator, timer, intrusion logger, security, rng, cctalk, and secured real time clock and a software development kit (sdk) that will substantially reduce the required software development cycle and resource loading.




acrosser continuously innovate new solutions for the gaming machine industry. acrosser will present all these four (4) new products and new software security solution protectu 2.0 in the upcoming global gaming expo in earls court, london. welcome to visit .

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24 - 26 january 2012 location: earls court, london booth: 4451
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