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the leading designer and manufacturer of in-vehicle computer, acrosser launches four vehicle grade lcd touch monitor for in-vehicle application.

in the fast paced world of transportation services, touch monitor where display information is vital for coordinating field operation. the leading designer and manufacturer of in-vehicle computer manufacturer acrosser, launches its for in-vehicle application that greatly enhance its product line.

whether it is for fleet management, taxi dispatch and infotainment, or police car, they all share common requirements: sunlight readable touch, wide operating temperatures, wide voltage. acrosser’ s vehicle grade lcd touch monitor products feature automatic screen brightness adjustment feature, industrial grade high brightness, daylight readable led backlit, dc9 to 32v power input and wide operating temperatures to accommodate these special environmental needs.

to allow a multitude of applications to be addressed, acrosser’ s in-vehicle display incorporates ntsc, pal, secam automatic switch, automatic switch to video input while signal present, audio input and speaker, ir remote controller and support usb hub for external usb devices .in addition, options such as daylight-readable touch screen (anti-reflection coating) and vesa 75, stand or headrest mount kit are also available.

with all-in-one connector (vga/usb/dc jack/audio), acrosser’ s in-vehicle display is the perfect companion to a variety of in-vehicle computer systems including acrosser’ s industry leading in-vehicle computer series.

in-vehicle touch monitor series main features:

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