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acrosser technology in-vehicle computers have been awarded as the winner of "taiwan excellent 100 on its/telematics”. the event is held by the telematics promotion office, the ministry of economic affairs (moea) to showcase the amazing achievements of the taiwan telematics industry. the event has selected 100 winning entries whose developments have been well-completed. through the efforts of the panel of professional judges, 100 of the entries with outstanding technical capability and market potentials were particularly selected among several hundreds of the products and services.

link to taiwan its/telematics excellent 100

there are three of acrosser in-vehicle computer products are honored with the “taiwan its/telematics excellent 100” award, including
(1) in-vehicle computer – (2) in-vehicle computer – (3) can bus, sram, digital i/o pci-104 module –

1. support intel atom d425/d525
2. internal gps/3.5g/wifi/bluetooth module option
3. can bus support can 2.0a/2.0b protocol
4. 12v/24v power input for standard car battery
5. smart power management with low power protection, ignition control,on/off delay,and software programmable delay timing

1. support core 2 duo / core duo/ core solo / celeronm 
2. 4-bit gpio (2 in, 2 out)
3. gps / 3.5g / wifi / bluetooth module option
4. external removable hdd bay
5. software programmable power off delay timing

1.12x optical isolated digital inputs. support counter mode
2.12x 500 ma current sink digital outputs. pulse generator mode
4.1mb battery backup sram disk. supports disk and memory modes.
5.can bus support 2.0a and 2.0b protocol.
6.time stamp of can message
7.linux and windows 2000, xp software development kit (sdk).

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无风扇防尘英特尔凌动d525/ d425嵌入式系统的pci和pcie扩展槽
无风扇防尘英特尔凌动d425/ d525车载电脑
taiwan excellence 2010 - 24 channel super digital i/o, sram & can bus pci-104 module
无风扇防尘英特尔凌动d525/ d425嵌入式系统的pci和pcie扩展槽
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