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acrosser huge price slash for embedded sbc
发表日期: 2013/04/02

acrosser technology co. ltd, global professional industrial and provider, announces the new atom series solutions which include industrial mainboard and fanless 3.5-inch . amb-d255t1 is equipped with an intel d2550 atom processor. amb-n280s1 is equipped with an intel n2800 atom. both have a 5~7 year product warranty.

amb-d255t1 features powerful graphic performance via vga and hdmi output, one ddr3 so-dimm socket, msata socket with usb signals and sim slot, and a 12v dc jack for easy power input. amb-d255t1 also provides complete i/o such as 4 x com ports, 6 x usb2.0 ports, 1 x gbe rj-45 port, 1 x sata port with power connector.

amb-n280s1 has a variety of i/o ports, such as 5 x serial ports (one is rs-232/422/485 selectable), 4 x usb2.0, 2 x gbe rj-45 ports, and one mini-pcie expansion. it also offers 1 x sata interface and power connector for customers desiring large storage capacity. amb-n280s1 has one hdmi port and one vga output and can support two maximum resolution displays of 1920 x 1200. it also offers a 18-bit lvds interface for small size lcd panels.

acrosser is providing a special price for these two boards to make them available for customers sooner. please contact your local sales for more information.

product information:



amb-d255t1 (mini-itx)
mini-itx主板采用英特尔d2550,nm10,ddr3,千兆以太网,sata ii,usb2.0,com
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