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acrosser in-vehicle computers win 21th taiwan excellence award
发表日期: 2013/01/10

both acrosser , & have been selected as the winner of 21th taiwan excellence award. this award delivered by the ministry of economic affairs (moea) and taiwan external trade development council (taitra), to encourage taiwan industries to upgrade and incorporate innovations into their new products.

ar-v6005fl is equipped with e640 processor and intel eg20t pch chipset for low power consumption and entry-level vehicle applications. not only with standard i/o interfaces such as vga/dvi display, ethernet, usb, wifi, bluetooth, and rs-232/485, ar-v6005fl also features intelligent , can bus, digital i/o, i-button (one wire), gps, bluetooth, wifi and 3.5g gsm for in-vehicle applications.

 ar-v6100fl is the fanless system features powerful 45w intel core i7 technology. ar-v6100fl adopts acrosser’s expertise of design for in-vehicle applications. these designs include smart power management, high efficient thermal module, and diversity of integrated communication technology such as can bus, wi-fi, 3.5g gsm, bluetooth and gps.

intelligent power management is the most important feature to add the convenience and stability of in-vehicle pc usage. the intelligent power module inside ar-v6005, brings a wide range dc power input of 9v to 32v and controlled by a separate micro processor that provides the following features: 
1. system off delay time: user can setup delay time in bios for different purposes.
2. power on/off retries: it will perform 3 times of boot up or shut off the system if system on/off process failed in order to assure system can operate normally under severe environment like –20℃ outdoor temperature.
3. power input monitoring: continuous monitoring dc input voltage to prevent accidentally drain out car battery. the system will not boot up if car battery voltage is lower than 11.2v. if car battery is lower than 10.8v while system at operation, it will properly shut down the system automatically to keep battery alive.
4. led indicators represent system power status.
5. remote control: 2 options to power on or shut down the system, by car ignition switch or remote control switch cable.
all of above functions are controlled by software that can be customized based on odm customers’ requirement. to execute the 24/7 mission-critical applications on the road, ar-v6100 & ar-v6005 are two of the best solutions for you.


ar-v6005fl features:
• intel atom e640 1.0ghz processor eg20t
• ddr2 1gb onboard
• intelligent power module support 9~32vdc input

• dual display:vga (via combo connector), dvi
• rs-232 interface:3 x external ( 1 x rs232/422/485 switch selectable), 1 x internal
• io:usb x 1, mic-in/speaker, gbe x 1
• storage:cf card / 2.5” hdd bay
• optional module:bluetooth / gps / wifi / 3.5g gsm module
• 9-32 vdc power input
• –20℃ to 60℃ operation temperature


ar-v6100fl features:
• fanless system supports 45w pga intel core i7/i5 and celeron processors
• two ddr3 so-dimm with 2gb ddr3 pre-installed
• hdmi/dvi/vga video outputs
• can bus 2.0 a/b
• optional wi-fi, bluetooth, 3.5g, gps modules
• rs-232 interface:2 x external (1 x rs232/422/485 switch selectable), 1 x internal
• storage:cf / 2.5” hdd bay
• one-wire (i-button) interface
• 9-32 vdc power input
• –20℃ to 60℃ operating temperature


ar-v6005 & ar-v6100 also support the optional gps/gprs/wifi module inside one compact system, to fulfill the highly demand from telematic applications. in addition, acrosser in-vehicle pc has excellent mechanical design to adapt high environment endurance that is certified to operate under vibration 3g (follow iec60068-2-64) and shock 50g 11ms (follow iec60068-2-27), and fully compliant with in-vehicle computer application such as e -mark certification (e-13).

acrosser has launched the great ar-v6005 and ar-v6100 in 2012. to make your business smarter and more effective, acrosser is the best choice for you. for more information, please visit or contact acrosser technology, acrosser usa, and acrosser worldwide resellers in your local area.


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