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3rd generation core i mini itx for a wide range of applications
发表日期: 2012/09/17

the is the newest industrial mainboard from acrosser technology that supports both of the 3rd and 2nd generation intel core i7/i5/i3 mobile processor by intel qm77 chipset and fcpga 988 socket.

the intel 3rd generation mobile processors supported by the amb-qm77t1 features an integrated gpu, which is capable of supporting such graphical libraries as directx11, opengl4.0 and opencl1.1. targeting on multimedia and gaming applications, amb-qm77t1 brings enhanced graphics performance by supporting 3 independent displays in any combination of vga, hdmi, lvds and dvi output.

amb-qm77t1 has two ddr3 so-dimm sockets to support up to 16gb of system memory. onboard 24-bit dual channel lvds interface support big size lcd panel directly made it suitable for digital signage and applications. it also features advanced technologies including four usb 3.0 and two sata iii connectivity to deliver high speed data transmission.

coming with acrosser’s 7 years product longevity service, amb-qm77t1 is the perfect solution to deliver high computing power for a wide range of applications such as , , , , and .

the key features of the amb-qm77t1 include:

‧  intel qm77 chipset
  fcpga socket supports 3rd generation intel® core(tm) i7/i5/i3 processors and celeron
  2* ddr3-1600/1333/1066 so-dimm up to 16gb
  supports vga/dvi-d/hdmi/lvds displays
  support 3 independent display
  dual intel pci-e gigabit lan
  8* usb 2.0, 4* usb 3.0, 3* com, 3* sata ii, 2* sata iii
  1* pci-e x16, 1* mini pci-e, 1* cfast socket
  iamt 8.0, tpm 1.2, watchdog timer, digital i/o support vga and dvi output


amb-qm77t1 (mini-itx)
intel qm77 with core i7 / i5 / i3 mini-itx motherboard, ddr3-1600, sata iii, usb 3.0, gen.3 pcie x16, dvi-d, vga, com, gbe, tpm
amb-ih61t1 (mini-itx)
intel h61 with coretm i7/ i5/ i3 mini-itx motherboard, ddr3-1333,sata ii, usb 2.0, pcie x4, dvi-d, vga, com, gbe
ar-b5890 (mini-itx)
intel core 2 duo mini-itx sbc with vga, dvi, lan, 6 x com, 9 x usb2.0, pcie x16, pci
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