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high-end fanless in-vehicle computer features intel core i7 technology
发表日期: 2012/05/24

, the leading industrial computer designer and manufacturer is pleased to announce the release of its fanless features intel core i7 technology. adopts acrosser’s expertise of design for in-vehicle applications. these designs include smart power management, high efficient thermal module, and diversity of integrated communication technology such as can bus, wi-fi, 3.5g wireless wan, bluetooth and gps.




is protected with the most complete power input protection to adapt the harsh electrical environment in any kind of vehicle. such protections are automotive transient voltage suppression, over/under voltage protection, over current protection, reverse voltage protection and automotive fuse. these designs enable to pass the strict iso-7637-2 test which is specifically defined for equipments installed in various vehicles.


the smart power management subsystem enables user to define the power on and off sequences through software interface or bios setting to meet any requirement of in vehicle applications. driver of vehicle can trigger the power on and off sequences by either ignition switch or a remote switch.


the fanless thermal design provides the high reliability in vehicle applications. the utilize advanced heat pipe, heat sink, thermal pad to solve the problem of heat generated by cpu, chipset, dram and power devices. this is a big challenge for designing a fanless computer which supports 45 watts quad core core i7 processor. all components used in ar-v6100fl are industrial proven and only solid state capacitors are utilized for high mtbf.


acrosser also integrated two new useful features to the . the one-wire (i-button) interface provides system integrators a low cost solution for driver id, temperature and humidity sensors. the combo connector combines vga, audio, usb and dc 12v power output all in one connector so significantly simplify the harness between the computer and accrosser’s in vehicle touch monitors.



‧support intel core i7/i5 and celeron processors

hdmi/dvi/vga video outputs

can bus 2.0 a/b

wi-fi, bluetooth, 3.5g, gps

one-wire (i-button) interface

9-32 vdc power input

-20 to 60 degree c operating temperature


welcome to explore acrosser’s best embedded solutions at computex 2012

acrosser will demonstrate our full range in-vehicle solution, gaming computers(ace series), networking platform and embedded computer (ares series) which are designed for various applications at 201 computex trade fair.

we also arrange live demo of our out-standing in-vehicle computers in our booth. 

please come to acrosser booth to explore our innovative next generation products. 

welcome to visit acrosser at twtc nangang 1f/booth no. k0723a.

event information:

venue: taipei, taiwan

date: june 5-9, 2012

exhibition hall: taipei world trade center / nangang exhibition hall

booth no: k0723a




无风扇车载系统,英特尔酷睿i5/ i7处理器 hm65智能电源系统,gps/3.5g/ wifi /蓝牙选项
无风扇防尘英特尔凌动d425/ d525车载电脑

欣扬 and-dnv3n3 成为 flexiwan 第一家自我认证的 sd-wan 白盒硬件设备
欣扬 and-dnv3n3 成为 flexiwan 第一家自我认证的 sd-wan 白盒硬件设备
computex 2020正式取消,我們明年再见!
computex 2020正式取消,我們明年再见!

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