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acrosser launches its latest all-in-one gaming computer based on amd most advanced fusion apu.
发表日期: 2011/12/29

the gaming computer designer and manufacturer acrosser launches his latest all-in-one gaming computer to provide gaming industry a higher cost-performance ratio platform for slot machine and video lottery terminal(vlt) and awp gaming machines. this model utilizes the latest computer technology from amd platform and integrates acrosser’s cutting edge gaming control technology.

acrosser is powered by amd low power g-series dual core platform which integrates amd radeon hd 6310 graphic controller.  the directx® 11 support lets you enjoy awesome graphics performance, stunning 3d visual effects and dynamic interactivity. its advanced discrete-level gpu with opengl 4.0 and opencl™ 1.1 support in an integrated device provides support to build the designs of tomorrow, today.

the is designed to meet most of the international gaming regulations such as gli-11 standard. its micro-fit connectors provide complete digital i/o, cctalk and intrusion logger requirements in the gaming machines. the gaming controller also embeds pulse generators which unload the complexity of handling meters in a slot machine.
all products in acrosser. ace series are supported by the same agc (acrosser gaming core) device driver and api for windows and linux operating systems. this outstanding design reduces customer’s development time and investment over gaming software. it also enables reusing the software investments on a wide range product lines which are based on any acrosser ace families.
acrosser commits his customers to continuously innovate new solutions for the gaming machine industry. it presents new software security solution protectu 2.0 in the . - acrosser’s patented ptotectu 2.0 utilizes hash, aes and unique keys to offer a very secured mechanism which integrates hardware and software design to authenticate customer’s software from privacy.

the key features of the include:
● amd g-series dual-cores (t48n) processor
● up to 8gb ddr3 memory
● international gaming interface with micro-fit connectors
● 32 * digital inputs and 32 * high current digital outputs
● intrusion logger with secured real time clock
● 6 * serial ports includes 2 * cctalk ports
● 8 * usb ports to connect different peripherals
● dual 1mb battery back-up sram with battery low monitoring, max dual 2mb sram
● 4 x 16-bit timers
● 5.1 ch audio output with amplifier power to meet gaming applications ibutton, protectu® & eeprom for software security

the product is available with both single board and box packages. the detail specification of all-in-one gaming boards can be found in acrosser web site. acrosser will present its all cutting-edge gaming hardware at ice exhibition in london during january 2012.

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