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acrosser launches small form factor 3.5” sbc solution with intel atom processor n450 and core technology in versatile vertical applications
发表日期: 2010/07/13
acrosser is pleased to announce the new 3.5” sbc, ar-b6050, which carries the intel atom n450. acrosser took the advantage of the new n450 chipset to accomplish the design, such as the small footprint, the low power consumption, the high speed of dmi interface, and the built-in gpu. ar-b6050 has completed acrosser’s sbc product line with a 3.5” small form factor, good processing power but low power consumption. ar-b6050 includes so-dimm socket for maximum of 2gb system memory, and it has several input/output ports, such as: dual 18-bit lvds and vga, two giga lan supporting multiple level of network traffic, two com and six usb 2.0, above features to meet a variety of the cost effective industrial computer applications.

there are a pci-104 and a mini-pcie expansion slot available for customers’ various application. it’s simply suited for most of the application which has room limitation but requires certain level of processing power.
acrosser always follows the intel cutting edge technology and turns them into our innovative solution. acrosser not only focuses on the sbc as cornerstone technology, but also reaches out and develops some innovative vertical markets solutions by following our successful experiences among customers since 1987. on the other hand, acrosser always keeps eyes opened and listens to customers’ feedback in order to make acrosser solution to meet the market trend better and better. with several years’ accumulated experiences and knowledge, acrosser has come out several solutions for vertical markets: in-vehicle, networking, console server, and gaming.

in-vehicle pc
the fanless in-vehicle pc line mainly focuses on fleet management, ticketing system, multimedia/advertising system, driver fatigue management, and also garbage/recycling truck management. acrosser provides a programmable and comprehensive smart power management solution embedded in the in-vehicle pc, which can 1. accept wide range power input to protect and surge impact, 2. startup/shutdown pc by ignition control to prevent people from reaching it, 3. monitor input voltage to protect pc from abnormal shutdown and draining out the vehicle battery, and 4. provide power delay circuit to allow users to maintain/sync data when ignition is off. moreover, the in-vehicle pc also comes with versatile options to fulfill different markets’ needs, such as, gpio, gps, gprs, 3g, wi-fi and so on.
acrosser provides wide range of networking solutions from high end intel core 2 quad 1u enterprise solution to low end via eden micro box. they can be used for versatile applications, such as utm, firewall, ids/ips, anti-spam/virus, content filter, load balancing, qos ….etc. acrosser also provides complete networking specific features and service to fulfill different customers’ requirements, like pxe to boot from server, console redirection to redirect kb and display to com port for management, bypass control to keep the communication when system halts, lcm for customer defined to show simple status, and logo/panting customization to bring up customers’ brand recognition.
console server
there is a trend in automation control industry that integrates console server and firewall/vpn altogether into single one appliance and this is where acrosser console server product born. based on the powerful x86 fanless system, and all-in-one (multi-serial ports and multi-lans) design, acrosser delivers the console server globally in restaurant control points, home automation, scada, ticketing/entrance control system, and lots of other automation control territories. the factors that acrosser console server is well-adopted are because of the built-in 15kv esd surge protection on all serial ports, 2k vrms isolated protection, and jumper/software selectable rs232/422/485. acrosser also covers from 1u pentium m solution to 500mhz cpu micro box solution to meet different performance requirements.
gaming product line is one of the strongest product lines acrosser have nowadays. there are over 60,000 gaming boards in the field and casinos. the core competence that makes acrosser successful in gaming market is to own both the industrial pc and gaming control technologies, not like other competitors who are either partnering with gaming i/o providers or mother board manufacturers. acrosser delivers the all-in-one gaming solution for high compatibility and reliability purpose on hardware and software, and with all the necessary gaming features embedded in one board, including digital inputs/output, non-volatile memory, intrusion logger, secured rtc, and security features to protect customers’ game content intellectual property. especially, acrosser also have the technology of reel mechanism control, which makes acrosser all-in-one gaming platform to support video and reel game on one board. there is also modularized solution with backplane design for easy-access i/o, and mini-itx gaming i/o design for price oriented customers.
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