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acrosser annouces the latest all-in-one gaming platform
发表日期: 2008/12/30

taipei, taiwan, november 28, 2008 – acrosser launches 2 new fanless all-in-one gaming control box, the ace-s5290fl and ace-s5292fl. it is designed to comply with most of the gaming regulations, for example, gli, bmm, comma 6a and australian.

the ace-s5290fl and ace-s5292fl include the functionality of an x86 sbc, as well as, gaming i/o, intrusion detection and security features. both systems enclosed with remarkable acrosser ace all-in-one gaming boards feature the most cost effective intel mobile chipset with most up to date gaming specific features for instance jamma, 72-pin interface, gaming i/o, various security options plus a complete line of application programming interface that allows easier gaming development.

acrosser’s ace-s5290fl and ace-s5292fl series provide mounting flexibility for gaming applications as well as offering great performance in both cost and technology. beside the full gaming control functionalities along with the ace-s5290fl, ace-s5292fl provides enhanced video out capability. the ace-s5292fl has 2 vga outputs and a pcie x16 slot to provide the upgradable video performance.
key features of the ace-s5292fl and ace-s5290fl include
● jamma and 72-pin golden finger interface.
● optical isolated interruptible digital inputs
● high current darlington transistor outputs
● intrusion logger
● two cctalk ports
● dual 256kb battery back-up sram with battery low monitor 
● four rs-232 series and one rs-232 / cctalk ports
● 10/100mbps ethernet
● 4 usb ports
● chassis cover intrusion detector
● four 16-bit interruptible timers
● hardware true random number generator
● two 8-bit readable dip switch
● ibutton slot, protectu & eeprom security
● optional smart card reader

the ace-b5290 bridges acrosser’s innovated gaming solution and intel’s low power technology to bring an optimum combination of performance and gaming features. all these key features integrated into a fanless compact solution that is small in size, power efficient, quiet running, and rich in gaming i/o.

the intel 915gm express chipset and ich6m controller provide the performance and support that allows the ace-b5290 to integrate into a wide range of gaming solutions. sbc features include 6 usb 2.0 ports, 10/100mbps ethernet, stereo audio output, type ii cf socket x 1, 2 x cctalk and 1 x com port. display support includes vga (db25) and dual 18bit lvds.

acrosser supports all ace gaming series product in windows xp pro, xp embedded and main stream linux operation system with complete software development kit (sdk).

both of these acrosser’s gaming platform have a minimum of 5 years availability to fulfill the demand of long term supply in gaming industry.
for more information on the new acrosser ace-s5290fl / ace-s5292fl or any other products, please contact your local acrosser sales channel or link to our website

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