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ar-b5070cm6c, isa half-size board with intel 852gm and onboard celeron m 600mhz/512kb
发表日期: 2008/01/15

the most important feature of this board is that the isa interface is provided. as we all know, many motion control cards and similar devices in industrial automation still utilize the isa interface. fewer and fewer chipsets provide the isa function integrated. for this issue, we utilize a pci to isa bridge "it8888" which is designed by ite, a very well known ic designer in taiwan. it provides the best compatibility for pci to isa functionality with the intel ich4.

an additional highlight to the ar-b5070cm6c is the onboard cpu and memory. both offer assured stability primarily for ia applications prone to vibration.  furthermore, we provide a low power cpu to reduce the overall heat inside the control system. for these very features, we believe the ar-b5070cm6c can easily be adopted into harsh environments. we cannot fail to mention the sram battery backup. many ia machines require the sram as an important part of their application since it can save important data when the system is off.  it becomes extremely handy especially for unexpected power interruptions.

the sufficient i/o cannot be neglected. we provide one vga, one dual channel 18bit lvds, one 10/100 lan, two usb 2.0, two serial ports, one parallel port, one ide, one cf socket, one fdd, 8 bit gpio, and ps/2 for keyboard and mouse.
finally, the intel 852gm chipset and celeron m 600mhz / 512kb cache can provide more than sufficient performance for mechanical control systems. if you would like to upgrade your system, but also need an isa interface, the ar-b5070cm6c is your best choice. acrosser knows what you need which is why we made the ar-b5070cm6c just for you.

ar-b5070cm6c features:
※ intel 852gm chipset with onboard celeron m 600mhz / 512kb cache.
※ 128mb onboard ddr sdram with additional so-dimm socket support for ddr 266 mhz
※ vga / dual channel 18 bit lvds
※ 512kb onboard sram
※ complete i/o support:
 ■ 2 * usb 2.0, 1 * 10/100 ethernet
 ■ 1 * ide(40pin), 1 * cf socket(support udma)
 ■ pc/104
 ■ 1 * parallel port, 1 * fdd
 ■ 2 * com ports (1 * rs-232, 1* rs-232/422/485)
 ■ 1 * 8 bit gpio
 ■ 1 * kb/ms ps/2

ar-b5070cm6c is available now. for more information, please contact acrosser technology, acrosser usa, and acrosser worldwide resellers in your local area.

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