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acrosser vehicle computer system - the most powerful vehicle pc: ar-es0831fl
发表日期: 2007/08/17

over the past few years increasing competition in the logistics and transportation industries have resulted in a number of developments for these companies. in addition, rising fuel costs have forced many to devise methods of more efficiently coordinating their shipping fleets. the question was how to get this technology into a small and rugged enough system to withstand 24 hour operation in sometimes harsh environmental conditions. the answer is the new acrosser fanless industrial computer ar-es0831fl designed specifically for vehicle operation.

most vehicle applications may utilize the following components:

1. hardware: the vehicle computer (including gps and 3g/gprs/wifi communications modules), antenna, touch display.

2. software: software can be divided into two categories: the operating system, such as linux or windows xp embedded, and the other, your application such as an electronic navigation mapping system, vehicle fleet management, etc…

3. communications: as a communication bridge between control center and the vehicle, most of system adaptor current gsm/gprs infrastructure. as telecommunication operations launched 3g/3.5g, it can also be obtained through the 3g/3.5g as the main medium of communication.

in the past, this technology had only been utilized by police cars, ambulances and other emergency vehicles. without much public demand, the innovation in this market stagnated until recently; now businesses like taxi’s and busses are utilizing wireless and gps technology to monitor their vehicles, or cameras and ticket printers for security and payment systems. these are but a few of the many applications for which the ar-es0831fl was designed.

ar-es0831fl is suitable for automobiles, container tractors, commercial vehicles, trucks, busses and taxis due to the following

1. acrosser’s design follows the iec-68-2-6 vibration and iec-68-2-27 shock standards which tests the ar-es0831fl for the harsh physical environments it may endure.

2. anti-shock 2.5” hdd mount which provides resistance to absorb shocks while also protecting important data from any damage. the ar-es0831fl also supports compact flash type ii slot for embedded os to enhance the stability of whole system.

3. 9v-32v wide range dc-in power module which will protect against any voltage and/or current spikes. as well as an os shut down delay function to make sure system will turn off correctly.

4. four (4) serial ports that can be used for various peripherals, for example, gps, touch screen, scanner, card reader.

5. four (4) usb ports for additional peripheral components

6. heat-pipe technology design as well as a completely enclosed box which allows the system to be completely fan-less and dustproof to ensure maximum reliability under harsh conditions.

ar-es0831fl specifications :
cpu: intel pentium m and celeron m
chipset: intel 852gm ich4
memory: 1 x 200-pin so-dimm sockets for
1 x 512mb ddr333 so-dimm pre-installed
chipset: integrated graphics built-in intel 852gm
display memory: intel dvma technology up to 64mb
display interface: lvds interface
db15 crt connector
ethernet controller: 10/100 lan x 2
com x 4
usb x 2
ps2 kb/ms

compact flash type ii holder
1 x ata100 44 pin ide connector for 2.5” hdd

9v-32v dc power in

operating temperature: 0℃ ~ 60℃(32℉ ~ 140℉) [cf]
non-operating temperature: -20℃~ 80℃ (-4℉ ~ 176℉)
humidity: 5~95% @ 40℃ (non-condensing)
vibration: iec 68-2-6, sine, 5g, 10 ~ 500 hz, 1 oct./min, x,y,z 3axes, 2 hr/axis [cf]
shock: iec 68-2-27, 100g peak acceleration (6 msec. duration) [cf]

for more information of the new acrosser ar-es0831fl series or any of the other products, contact your local acrosser sales channel today.

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